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Therapy in English

Thordis Runarsdottir Psy.D. provides psychological services in the English.

Thordis received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology located in the very culturally diverse San Francisco Bay Area.

During her doctoral studies she underwent six years of extensive practical training and supervision where she provided treatment to individuals from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, including 1st generation immigrants as well as 2nd and 3rd generations.  Her clients originated from various cultural areas such as South- and Central-America, Mexico, Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, India, Iran, and Iraq.

Many of these clients were dealing with acculturation issues, as well as other issues including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, marital difficulties, trauma and substance abuse.

For further information or to make an appointment please contact:
E-mail: fyrirspurn@salfraedistofa.is
Phone: +354 534 4586

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